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What is something we can do differently this year? How can our gifts make a real difference? These are just a couple questions two employees at Knightvest Management (Knightvest) discussed before approaching owners with a new idea for the company holiday party – “Spirit of Giving.” Rather than gifting presents to each other, employees had the opportunity to raise funds for those truly in need. Employees wrote down suggestions for a charity of choice and Bridges Safehouse was selected.

At the party, employees played a dice game with one dice representing how much they would give and the other representing how many times the company would match that amount. The total combined employee and company donation was $7,934. With this donation, Bridges Safehouse was able to finish the year in the positive, allowing them to handle operating expenses as well as meet immediate needs.

“We run on a pretty tight budget so when we got the email from Knightvest regarding the donation, we were absolutely amazed,” said Nicole Hernandez, executive director for Bridges Safehouse. “We don’t get emails like that. In fact I called them back to make sure it wasn’t a misprint and was so grateful for the timely generosity.”

Bridges Safehouse is a nonprofit, faith-based transitional housing program that provides shelter, resources, life skills training, counseling and mentoring needed for pregnant homeless women and women in crisis. Ninety-five percent of the women that come through Bridges Safehouse have experienced recent trauma such as trafficking, sexual violence or domestic violence. The organization provides the women with a stable and safe environment, which empowers them to overcome life’s obstacles with confidence.

“Thanks to Knightvest’s donation, we were able to go above and beyond for the women at our safe house instead of having to worry about cutting costs,” said Hernandez. “It was a true blessing and we are so excited to start the year fresh and continue our services for women in need.”

Knightvest’s donations were able to immediately help the women at Bridges Safehouse. One woman, who was able to turn her life around with the help of the program, but between working full time and having a daughter in daycare, she wasn’t able to cover expenses for the next semester of school. With Knightvest’s donation, Bridges Safehouse was able to provide the funds for her classes and books. Some of the other women in the program needed car maintenance and Bridges Safehouse was able to get them new car batteries.

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