Spring Psychic & Holistic Fair at the LWCH



Central Standard Time



Labyrinth Walk Coffee House at UUCOC
3839 W. Kiest Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75233

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The Labyrinth Walk Coffee House (LWCH) presents its Spring Psychic & Holistic Fair. Admission is free. $20 per 15 minute session; some providers may require a double session.  The fair includes a broad variety of providers includes, but not limited to the following:

*Cynthia R. Shaw has been a conscious channel since the mid-1980’s and holds her BA Degree from UT Dallas, trained at The Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis and is a Reiki Master.

*Sherry Coffman is a Reiki Master Teacher, certified DNA ThetaHealing® Instructor and Young Living essential oils Distributor.  She provides a combination of Reiki, DNA Theta Healing® and Chakra Healing.

*Jordyn Danae is a clairvoyant medium who uses tarot to connect with the energy of her quadrants to channel spirit guidance and divine messages. 

*Maeve has studied at the Mystery School of Diana's Grove near Salam, MO and at Reclaiming witchcamps there. She reads from Mythical Tarot.

*Stacey Smith is reiki master, angel card reader and an ordained minister

*L. Candli Campbell is a Reiki Master Teacher, certified DNA ThetaHealing™ Practitioner/Teacher, Crystal Viewing Practitioner and has over 30

*Jennifer Valde  is a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, and philosopher. As an empath, she has a gift for connecting with individuals quickly, and helping them open up and cleanse their energies.

*Dr. Weatherbee photographs the energy fields around individuals.  In addition to your aura photo, an interpretation of your aura is provided.

*Dr. Phyllis Russo, a retired chiropractor, is certified in emotional and trans-personal counseling using mind/body healing. She has used nutrition, chiro, and acupuncture treatment for diseases and pain and is fully enmeshed herself in Shaman training.

Vendors  display a variety of jewelry made with natural stones, art, books, crystal healing jewelry, recycled stationary, oils and more .

The LWCH is a non-profit operated entirely by volunteers. For more information, please see our website



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