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Yoga Club DFW Comes to Duncanville Fieldhouse Bringing with it Power Yoga

"Yoga to the people!"

Yoga Club DFW's mission is to bring the practice of yoga to both new and experienced students, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, orientation or skill level. With an approach to the practice of yoga that is inclusive, without encouraging comparison or judgment, a Yoga Club class is a great first step along the path to mind/body fitness. We offer a safe and nurturing environment that creates a place for emotional and physical growth that can be taken off the mat and into everyday life.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that by teaching individuals how to nurture and care for their body and mind they then are able to be better wives, husbands, parents, teachers, community leaders and so on. We believe that you can change the world we live in, one person at a time. We teach our students that to really love someone else you need to fall in love with yourself first and that means knowing that you are worthy and deserving of taking time for yourself and then giving back from a place of being full. 

Yoga Club DFW classes are held at the Duncanville Fieldhouse (second floor), 1700 S. Main Street, Duncanville, Texas 75137. Information and schedule can be found at www.yogaclubdfw.com.

Owner: Alex Hamby, founder and Yoga Alliance Registered instructor, was trained in the Live Love Teach method. He brings his passion and enthusiasm to create a yoga experience for everyone. He specializes in Power Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on connecting body and mind during the practice, all while encouraging a smile.


Alex Hamby, Yoga Club DFW

Tuesday, August 6, 2013