This is the only week during the year that I wish I had cable. I’m one of those antenna-only people who thinks I’m too good for Boo Boo’s filled with Honey and dead-people-walking zombie shows. Nope, not for me. But I wish that this week — above all other weeks — that I had cable. It’s Shark Week, y’all. I love it — the Discovery Channel is on shark steroids and so is America. Also, no matter how much I love Shark Week and how informed I am about how non-deadly sharks are, I’m still one of those people who will always be afraid of sharks (probably because of Shark Week).

Since I started working at BubbleLife, I have been adamant about getting a shark on the front page of the site (I’m quirky like that). This has proved difficult, as we provide LOCAL news and DFW is landlocked in the middle of the Lone Star State. Thus, there are no headlines that read “Lakewood Resident Attacked This Morning by Shark” or “Shark Washed Up on Joe Pool Lake Shore.” We’re not even lucky enough to get this gem: “Dead Shark Found on NYC Subway.” Nope, there’s no reason to put sharks on BubbleLife, until this week where sharks are everywhere. So I started Googling. How could I make sharks local news?

Here’s what I found: 


Everything Sharks & Dallas


Did you know that there is a Dallas Sharks Lacrosse team here is Dallas? I would have more to report but there wasn’t a lot of information about the Dallas Sharks on their website — that and it’s offseason for lacrosse (I did learn that much). So if you are a Dallas Sharks Lacrosse member, give BubbleLife a call. I’m actually the graphic designer at BubbleLife Media and we can get you a good, affordable website (shameless plug).

Dallas Car Sharks

This is a show on the Velocity channel on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. where angry people from Dallas try to buy vintage cars from one another at auction. My husband would love it.


But really, where can you see REAL sharks in Dallas?

1) Dallas World Aquarium

They have sharks. And you can shark stalk them on a web cam. Click here for the shark cam. Admission is $20.95 (adult) and $12.95 (child). More info >> 

2) Sea Life Grapevine

They have a 360-degree tunnel of sharks that you can walk through, and you can even pet a baby shark at the exhibit. Admission is $19 (adult) and $16 (child), but you can save some moola if you buy your tickets online. More info >> 

3) Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park Dallas

These are by far the cheapest sharks to see. I guess they have low shark-esteem problems. Admission is $8 (adult) $6 (child). If you want to pet stingrays you can do that for an additional $2. You can have an overnight party with the sharks for $40. More info >>

4) Fort Worth Zoo

They have a shark exhibit called the Great Barrier Reef, but to be honest, it’s really all about the baby elephant over there right now. Admission is $12 (adult) and $9 (child). More info >>

Am I missing other Dallasite sharks? Are there more aquariums that didn’t make the list that are hiding some sharks out there in DFW? Which of the shark-spotting places is your favorite? Did I miss a good opportunity for a good shark pun?

Drop me a line!