Holga and Friends Exhibit, Juror ORufus Lovett



Central Standard Time



Tammy Cromer
2543 Farrington St.
Dallas, Texas 75207

Join us November 11, 2017 from 6 - 9 pm at Tammy Cromer Photography Gallery, 2543 Farrington St., Dallas, TX 75207 for the 7th Annual Holga & Friends Out of the Box (on creativity that is)  International Photography Competition. Juror O. Rufus Lovett selected a strong show. He will give a gallery talk at 7pm. Some of the artists will be here as well. The competition was open to photographers around the globe that use a toy camera or an element of it.


“Human condition, Landscape, architecture, portraiture and the still life are the key themes reflected in this exhibition.  It is this variety of photographic topics within the selections of work that partly contributes to the strength of this presentation. The approach taken by the photographers range from realism to surrealism creating a sense of beauty, wonder and human emotion.  As my mood changed during the week I revisited the submisions many times allowing a fresh thoughtful contemplation with each session.  


Congratulations to all those who contributed to the success of this show.  It is always a sincere joy to see work that is made with the Holga and how photographers often manage to stretch its limitations and make images that surprise, delight and go beyond the obvious.”


O. Rufus Lovett


Riverchild Dreams, © Adrienne Defendi, Best of Show, Palo Alto, CA


Siblings, © Rebecca Foley, 2nd Place, St. Joseph, MO

In Between, © Lilyan Aloma, 3rd Place, New York, NY


Honorable Mentions

Lilyan Aloma, New York, NY

Alison Erazmus, St. Louis, MO

Mike Herburger, Parker, CO

Gregory Rollins, Brooklyn, NY

Paul Sharrat, Takoma, MD


Guy Reynolds, Photo Editor for the Dallas Morning News is among the others in the show. We will have complete listing on the website in a few day.


Lomography and Freestyle are sponsoring the exhibit. We are looking forward to having this strong show in our space through the Holiday Season. Remember to give an original piece of art, give a photograph.



TAMMY CROMER PHOTO/ GALLERY: We were the only fine art photography gallery in North East Texas, specifically in Longview, TX. Now we are in the Dallas Design District at 2543 Farrington St., Dallas, TX. Tammy Cromer is a Commercial Photographer that also does HD and 4K Video Production. In 2007, we opened the gallery with the inaugural exhibit of Muhammad Ali, photographs by Sonia Katchian. We were the first United States gallery to host the Holga Inspire traveling exhibit in 2009. We have also shown, Dan Burkholder, Dennis Fagan, O. Rufus Lovett, Scott C. Campbell, Blue Earth Alliance Photographers, Polly Chandler, Mary Ann Lynch, Laura Pickett Calfee, Pat Brown, Danea Males, Tammy Cromer, Orville Robertson, John Wrather, Tami Bone, Texas Photographic Society, Robert Langham, Jenny Ellerbe, Susan Burnstine, Becky Ramotowski, Jim Rohan, Kenny Braun and others.